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Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus?

e fact that ▓he never opened his lips during this performance▓ brought great delight to the na●tives, accustomed to give vent to ▓their anger by taxing their voc▓al organs to the utmost. Th▓ere were other suggestions of the Hindu’s hat●red of his rulers, the boldest of which broug▓ht up the rear of the procession.●Two natives bore aloft a rough w●ooden cross on whic

Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus?

h a monkey was crucified▓—with cords rather than with nails.How wid●espread are the teachings of Christian ●missionaries was suggested by the fac●t that the most illiterate countryma●n “saw the point,” and twisted his lean featu▓res into the ugly grimace that is the low●-caste Hindu’s manner of expressing mirth. O●ne of the many flights of steps leading down to ●t



he bathing ghats and funeral pyres of Benare▓s 341We fought our way onward to the● center of the town and desce▓nded a great stone stairway beneath th▓e slender minarets.Up and down the em●bankment groups of thinly-clad pilgrims, dr

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ippin▓g from their ablutions, smoked v▓ile-smelling cigarettes in the sha●dow of temple walls or purchased h●oly food at the straw-thatched boot▓hs.Here and there members of the most ●despised caste in India stood before ponderous s▓


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cales, weighing out the wood that must be used▓ in the cremation of the Hindu dead who ▓hope to attain salvation.The abhorrence of ▓their fellow-beings hung lightly upon th●e wood-se

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llers, tempered as it ▓was by the enjoyment of a monopoly compared wi▓th which an American trust is a benevolent● institution. In the bathing▓ ghats, segregation of sexes prevaile

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d.Th▓e men wore loin clothes, the● women white winding sheets through which the ▓contour and hue of their brown ▓bodies shone plainly as they rose● from the water.From time to time


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